Miss Diana Powell-Cotton (Biographical details)

Miss Diana Powell-Cotton (British; Female; 1908 - 1986)

Also known as

Powell-Cotton, Diana


Miss Diana Powell-Cotton (1908-86) was the daughter of Major Percy Horace Gordon Powell-Cotton (1866-1940) [q.v.], explorer, naturalist, founder of the Quex Museum (the Powell-Cotton collection). at Birchington, in 1896 and his wife Hannah (1881-1964). Miss Powell-Cotton had three siblings: Antoinette (1913-97), Mary (1910-98) and Christopher (1918-2006). On Major Powell-Cotton's death in 1940 his Museum became a Trust. In 1962 it was registered as a Charity. The first Chairman to be appointed was Mrs Powell-Cotton who was succeeded by her son in 1962. Quex Museum survives and has a considerable archive of family papers. Diana undertook fieldwork and collecting trips to Southern Angola with her sister Antoinette during the late 1930s.

See AOA Ethdoc 190 - papers relating to the expedition to Angola by Miss D and Miss A Powell-Cotton.