Francis D Klingender (Biographical details)

Francis D Klingender (academic/intellectual; collector; German; British; Male; 1907 - 1955)

Also known as

Klingender, Francis D


Marxist art historian. b. in Germany of British parents. Educated in Germany, moved to England c.1925, student at LSE. "Hogarth and English Caricature",1944; "Art and the Industrial Revolution", 1947. Lecturer in Sociology at Hull from 1948. Sold a collection of 680 British satires to the BM in 1948 for £60. 1951, married Winifred Margaret Kaye, a student at Hull. Died of asthma in 1955. The remainder of his collection of books, prints and maps sold after his widow's death at Bonhams, Oxford, 23.ii.2010