Pierre La Mésangère (Biographical details)

Pierre La Mésangère (publisher/printer; author/poet; journalist/critic; French; Male; 1761 - 1831)

Also known as

La Mésangère, Pierre Antoine; Lamésangère, Pierre Antoine Leboux de; Mésangère, Pierre de la


(c.1797) Paris, rue Montmartre no.132 (by 1812) rue Montmartre no.183


Originally an abbé, teaching philosophy at the College de La Flèche. Secularised in 1793. Subsequently author, journalist and publisher of numerous series of fashion plates, in the 'Journal des Dames et des Modes', first issued in March 1797, last in 1839. Printer and distributor was Moller. Various designers; plates mostly by Pierre Charles Baquoy. Originally published with Jean Baptiste Sellèque, who was killed on Christmas Eve 1799 in the 'machine inférnal' attack on Napoleon.
The plates have as a running head on vertical plates 'Costume Parisien'. Later series within it were 'Le Bon Genre' with horizontal format.


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