Walery (Biographical details)

Walery (photographer; British; Male; 1883 - 1935; in business)

Also known as

Walery; Walery, S; Ostrorog, Stanislaw Julian (birth and death dates); Ostrorog, Stanislaw Julian Ignacy (birth and death dates); Ellis and Walery


Photographic firm founded by Pomeranian Count Stanislaw Julian Ostrorog (1830-1890), who became a British citizen in 1862, had studios in Paris and Marseille before opening one in London at 5 Conduit Street in 1883; he later moved to 164 Regent Street (1886). After his death the business was taken over by his son Stanislaw Julian Ignacy, Count Ostrorog (1863-1935), who in 1890-1900 worked in collaboration with Alfred Ellis (as Ellis and Walery). Opened a studio in Paris at Rue de Irondes in 1900. The firm is notably famous for a series of portraits called "Our Celebrities", published in 1888-1896.