Maurice Nahman (Biographical details)

Maurice Nahman (dealer/auction house; collector; French; Male; 1868 - 1948)

Also known as

Nahman, Maurice; Sharia Nahman, Maurice


'Casa Nahman', 27 rue el-Madabegh, Cairo


Collector and dealer. Enjoyed the position of Head Cashier at the Crédit Foncier d'Egypte in Cairo, as well as the role as a leading antiquities dealer with his extensive gallery at the rear of his Arab-style house in Cairo. Parts of his stock were sold in sales at his gallery in 1920, and at Christie's in London on 2 March 1937; after his death a sale was held at the Hotel Drouot in Paris in February and June 1953. Further material with a Nahman provenance was sold through Christie's in South Kensington on 28 April 2004. Photographs of Nahman and his house are illustrated in the 'Antiquities' sale catalogue for Christie's South Kensington, 28 April 2004, pp. 48-49. Objects sold through Nahman are represented in many collections, including the Corning Museum of Glass in New York.


Premature obituary: 'Chronique d'Egypte', no. 43 (January 1947), p.300 (by Jean Capart).