Shah 'Abbas I (Biographical details)

Shah 'Abbas I (ruler; royal/imperial; Persian; Male; 1571; 1587 - 1629; 1629; ; ruled; AH 995-AH 1038)

Also known as

'Abbas I; Abbas I; 'Abbas the Great; Abbas the Great; 'Abbas; Abbas; Shah 'Abbas I; Abbas I ibn Muhammad Khudabanda


Shah of the Safavid dynasty. From 1587-1598 Shah ‘Abbas consolidated his control over Iran and regained lost territories. In 1598 he moved the capital from Qazvin to Isfahan. In 1604 he resettled the population of the Armenian city of Julfa in the new southern suburb of Isfahan, also known as Julfa. The buildings of the famous Naqsh-i Jahan were still incomplete at the time of his death in 1629.


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