Adam Dircksz (Biographical details)

Adam Dircksz (sculptor/medallist; Dutch; Male; 1500 - 1530; active)

Also known as

Dircksz, Adam (circa)


The individual who inscribed a boxwood microcarving which is now in Copenhagen ADAM THEODRICI ME FECIT might be an artist or a patron, see F.Scholten, Small Wonders, Amsterdam 2016 pp. 24-36 for critical history and biblopgraphy. It is now thought that this artist had a workshop in the NOrthern Netherlands around 1500-30 which produced around 60 boxwood microcarvings for a small group of elite patrons in the circle of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, with a strong link to Delft. Nothing specific is known about him.


Frits Scholten, Small Wonders, Amsterdam 2016, pp. 24-36 on the identification of the signer of a boxwood miniature altarpiece in Copenhagen Adam Theodrici me fecit [Adam Dircksz has made me] . it is not clear whether this was the patron or the maker of the piece but since 1968 boxwood miniatures of the same type as that in Copenhagen, which form a coherent stylistic group, have been attributed to Adam Dircksz and workshop. It is not clear where the workshop was, but arms which can be identified suggest it was in one of the cities in the Northern provinces of the Low Countries--possibly Delft, with which many pieces have assocations through their patrons---around 1500-1530.