Hafez al-Droubi (Biographical details)

Hafez al-Droubi (painter/draughtsman; Iraqi; Male; 1914 - 1991)

Also known as

al-Droubi, Hafez


Painter, also draughtsman; born in Baghdad. Studied at the Accademia Reale in Rome before 1936 and then in 1950 at London's Goldsmiths College. In 1941, founded the first free studio for artists in Baghdad and was a founding member of the Society of Friends of Art. In 1953, founded the Impressionist Group, which despite the name, worked in various styles. Most commonly known for his work in Cubist style, he worked in several different styles mostly focusing on Iraqi subject matter. As Dean of the Academy of Fine Arts and Chair of the Society of Iraqi Plastic Arts in Baghdad, was instrumental in fostering art education and appreciation in Iraq. Taught many important artists including Dia Azzawi. Considered a leading figure in the development of modernism in Iraq.


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