May Muzaffar (Biographical details)

May Muzaffar (academic/intellectual; author/poet; Iraqi; Female)

Also known as

Muzaffar, May


Poet, short-story writer, critic, editor and translator; wife of the Iraqi artist Rafa Al Nasiri (q.v.), based in Amman, Jordan. Her poetry has been translated into English and anthologized. Wrote five collections of short stories and five poetry collections, including Layliyyat (Nocturnes) and Barid al-Sharq (Mail from the Orient). Translated several books into Arabic that are related to literature and art, including the poetry of Ted Hughes and Etel Adnan and the volumes 'Poetry in the Making' and 'Paris When It’s Naked'. Also wrote a biography of the literary figure Nasir al-Din al-Asad. Contributing editor to 'Thaqafat', a bilingual literary journal published in Bahrain.