Mireille Kassar (Biographical details)

Mireille Kassar (painter/draughtsman; Lebanese; Female; 1963; Lebanon)

Also known as

Kassar, Mireille


Artist, graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Beaux Arts in Paris and currently a member of the Sorbonne’s research Center in Plastic Arts. She has exhibited her work internationally, including The Miro Foundation, Barcelona; Université de Nanterre", Paris; Espace 28 Novembre, Paris; Up Date, Copenhagen; YYZ Gallery, Toronto; Audi Foundation, Beirut; and the 2003 Biennale in Havana. Her works also appears in a number of private collections, such as the Montanari Collection, Bologna; the Clin Collection, London; and other private collections in Paris and Beirut.