Fürst Karl Joseph Franz von Auersperg (Biographical details)

Fürst Karl Joseph Franz von Auersperg (military/naval; Austrian; Male; 1750 - 1822)

Also known as

Auersperg, Karl Joseph Franz von; Auersperg, Karl Joseph Franz von


Charles Count, later Prince of Auersperg entered the Austrian army as a cadet. By 1788 he was Oberst and Commanding Officer of his regiment in the wars against the Turks. In 1789 he was distinguished at the capture of Neu-Orsova and was promoted Generalmajor and awarded the MMTO-KC. In the 1805 campaign he was Feldmarschalleutnant and commanded the Reserve Corps. He was in charge of the Danube bridges at the Tabor at the east end of Vienna, which he was to demolish to prevent them falling intact into French hands. On 13 November, French Marshals Murat, Lannes and others talked themselves into possession of the main bridge - and of much of the Reserve Corps. The stage was set for Austerlitz. Auersperg was court-martialled, convicted of negligence and stripped of his rank and honours. Pardoned in 1812 he stayed in retirement until his death 1822. [by Digby Smith]


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