Matthias Stom (Biographical details)

Matthias Stom (painter/draughtsman; Dutch; Male; c.1600 - 1652 after)

Also known as

Stom, Matthias; Stomer, Matthias


Dutch painter; born in Amersfoort, near Utrecht. Active in Italy. He is first documented in a census of the Roman parish of S Nicola in Arcione, in which his age is given as 30. In 1631, along with the French artist Nicolas Provost, he is listed as living in a house on the Strada dell'Olmo. Lived in Naples, where he was greatly influenced by Ribera, from c.1633 until around 1640; after which, he travelled to Sicily and painted pictures for churches in Caccamo, Messina and Monreale. His only signed and dated work was for the church of Agostiniani (Caccamo, Sicily). Between 1646-9 the Italian collector Antonio Ruffo, Duke of Messina, purchased 3 paintings from Strom. Recorded payments for a large altarpiece of 1652 ('Assumption of the Virgin with Three Saints', S Maria Assunta, Chiuduno, Bergamo) suggest Strom left Sicily and settled in northern Italy.