Broillet et Fouquet de Provigny factory (Biographical details)

Broillet et Fouquet de Provigny factory (French; 1769 - ?1784)

Also known as

Broillet et Fouquet de Provigny factory


rue Saint-Domminique, au Gros Caillou, Paris


Jacques Louis Brolliet signed a partnership agreeement on 13 December 1769 with Jean-Baptiste Fouquet de Provigny, and with others as well on 11 May 1770 for 'la composition et la fabrication de la porcelaine dans le goût de la Chine'. The factory did not last long at Gros Caillou, but in 1773 de Provigny is documented as its owner. After 1769 Laurent Russinger was its director. In 1773 the mark AD was registered by Advenier and Lamarre who were the owners of the Gros-Caillou premises. It appears in a report by the inspector of police, Buhot, in 1774, and was apparently still in operation in 1784.
Only one signed piece is known, which is in the British Museum collection.


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