Jean-Baptiste Gouey, comte de la Besnardière (Biographical details)

Jean-Baptiste Gouey, comte de la Besnardière (official; French; Male; 1765 - 1843)

Also known as

de Gouey, Jean-Baptiste


From the above as translated by Raphael Ledos de Beaufort: "Jean-Baptiste de Gouey, Comte de la Besnardière, born in 1765, entered in the
congregation of Oratorians under the old regime. In 1796, he entered the ministry of
Foreign Affairs as a simple clerk. He became in 1807, director of the first political
section, and discharged those important functions until 1814. He became Councillor
of state in 1826, retired from public affairs in 1830, and died in 1843." In vol. 3 Tallyerand refers to him as Councillor of State already during the Congress of Vienna (1814-15) in a letter to Louis XVIII (p. 212).


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