Elizabeth Godfrey (Biographical details)

Elizabeth Godfrey (goldsmith/metalworker; British; Female; 1741 - 1758; fl. c.)

Also known as

Godfrey, Elizabeth


Hand, Ring and Crown, Norris Street, Haymarket, St James's, London


Goldsmith, silversmith and jeweller; traded at the sign of the Hand, Ring and Crown, 1741-58. Two trade cards in Heal Collection. Heal,67.167 advertises "E: Godfrey Goldsmith, Silversmith and Jeweller...Makes & Sells all Sorts of Plate, Jewels and Watches, in the newest Taste at the most Reasonable Rates. N.B. All Sorts of Second Hand Plate, Watches &c. Bought and Sold." Heal's annotations on mount: "Elizabeth Godfrey - probably widow of Benjamin Godfrey whom she succeeded. Compare a later card of E. Godfrey (Heal,67.168) in A.H.'s collection at same address with the sign superseded by the Royal Arms & with the appointment to H.R.H. Duke of Cumberland. Chaffer's 'Aurifabrorum' gives Benjamin Godfrey at above address in 1732 & 1739. Chaffer's 'Aurifabrorum' gives Mrs. Elizabeth (or Eliza) Godfrey entered at Goldsmiths' Hall 29 June 1741. Francis Buckley's list of goldsmiths gives her here from 1743 to 1753. Jackson's 'English Goldsmiths' gives her here from 1741-1758. A billhead of Eliz: Godfrey at above address dated 8 July 1760 in Chetham's Library. A billhead of Benjamin Godfrey at above address dated 1744 in the Tyrwhit-Drake papers at Shardeloes, Amersham." Heal's annotations on Heal,67.168 are as above with the addition of "A similar card in A.M. Broadley's Haymarket collection is dated 1755."