Laura Boushnak (Biographical details)

Laura Boushnak (photographer; Palestinian; Female; 1976; Born in Kuwait)

Also known as

Boushnak, Laura


September 1996 - September 1999: BS in Social Sciences. The Lebanese University, Beirut, Lebanon.
September 1996 - September 1999: Complete Course in Professional Photography, Correspondence. New York Institute of Photography.
August 1995: High school diploma, scientific section. Fajer al-Sabah School, Kuwait.

Laura Boushnak's work ranges from conflict photography to experimental storytelling, and her themes are as diverse as Arab women and education and the underground gay scene in Beirut.
She began her career in 1999 covering news for the Associated Press (AP) in Lebanon. She later worked as a photo editor and photographer for Agence France-Presse (AFP) at its Middle East hub in Cyprus and its
Paris headquarters. Her nine-year wire service experience included
covering hard news in conflicts such as the war in Iraq and the 2006
Israel-Hezbollah war. Her work has been published in the New York Times, The Guardian, The National Geographic and Le Monde.
    After three years of documenting the lives of young cluster bomb survivors in south Lebanon, Laura is currently focusing on Arab women and education across the Middle East. Rather then simply turning her camera on the women, Laura encourages collaboration with her subjects—with women in literacy classes practicing their newly learned words on her photo negatives yielding surprising and inspiring images.
    Her most recent project, published in the World Press Photo
organisation's book "Hekayat: Picture stories from the Middle East",
chronicles the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual community in
Lebanon and its fight to be accepted by the society.
    Laura is represented by Dubai-based photo agency Arabian Eye. She is
also a founding member of Rawiya collective, which brings together the work and experience of five female photographers from the Middle East.


Out of Beirut’s closet published in the Hekayat book 2010, by the World Press Photo organization.
The Pursuit of Happiness, survivor image, published by the Noorderlecht festival, Holland.
Nude photos published in the “Imagining Ourselves” book 2003, global voices from a new generation of women, sponsored by the International Museum of Women in San Francisco.
Aeschylus Street, Four workshops in Old Nicosia book 2005, published by the Weaving Mill. B&W images documenting the lives of old Cypriot tradesmen and women whose way of life is in decline.