George Humphrey (Biographical details)

George Humphrey (publisher/printer; dealer/auction house; British; Male; 1739 - 1826)

Also known as

Humphrey, George


48 Long Acre 4 Leicester Street, Leicester Square, London (1810)


Major auctioneer and dealer in curiosities, both natural (shells etc) and artificial (he bought from ships' crews from Cook's voyages etc). Also significant printseller and publisher of caricatures in the 1780s; described on a 1784 print by Rowlandson as 'printseller, & dealer in natural curiosities' (BMSat.6564). Elder brother of William and Hannah Humphrey (qq.v.); his sister Elizabeth (1735-1816) married the leading international mineral dealer Adolarius Jacob Forster (1739-1806) and ran his London shop.


Information from Jonathan King and Tim Clayton
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