Leila Ingrams (Biographical details)

Leila Ingrams (academic/intellectual; English; Female; 16 June 1940 - 22 March 2015)

Also known as

Ingrams, Leila


Born in Cairo, the daughter of Harold and Doreen Ingrams who lived in the Hadhramaut region of the Aden Protectorate (later part of Yemen) during much of the 1930s and 1940s, and where she was partly brought up. Educated at Ashford school, Kent, then Wychwood Girls' School, Oxford. After university she worked for the Council of Arab-British Understanding in London, then in Muscat during the early 1970s for John Townsend, the Economic Adviser to the Government, and temporarily for Shaikh Nasir Seif al-Bu'ali, the Omani Director of Information. Succeeeded her mother as patron of the Friends of Hadhramaut (FOH), and was heavily engaged throughout her life in support of the culture of Yemen and Ethiopia.

Co-editor of 'Records of Yemen, 1798-1960' (with Doreen Ingrams, 1993), co-author of 'Ethiopia Engraved' (with Richard Pankhurst, 1988), author of 'Yemen Engraved: Illustrations by foreign travellers 1680-1903' (2006).

In 2011 and 2012 she generously donated a large collection of ethnographic interest from Yemen and Zanzibar to the British Museum, plus a number of antiquities and other items collected in the Hadhramaut by her parents. She passed away in March 2015 at the Pilgrims Hospice, Ashford and was cremated on 11th April 2015.