Theophilus Goldridge Pinches (Biographical details)

Theophilus Goldridge Pinches (academic/intellectual; British; Male; 1856 - 1934; Died 6 June 1934)

Also known as

Pinches, Theophilus Goldridge


Son of Theophilus Pinches, who was the youngest brother of the medallists Thomas Ryan Pinches (q.v.) and John Pinches (q.v.). Assistant in the Department of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities, British Museum, from 1878 to 1900, and thereafter Lecturer in Assyrian at University College London. Married Isabelle (born 1858), the youngest daughter of Auguste Bertin. T. G. Pinches's personal collection of Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets was bequeathed to his student A. C.. Chappelow (q.v.) and in part sold to the British Museum by Chappelow's widow (Mrs. E. C. B. Chappelow, q.v.), the remainder being sold at Sotheby's. Pinches appears to have been given the courtesy title of "Dr." by his friends (see the Times obituary) without ever formally being awarded a doctorate.


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