Volcxken Diericx (Biographical details)

Volcxken Diericx (publisher/printer; Flemish; Female; 1570 - 1600; fl.)

Also known as

Diercx, Volcxken; Diericx, Volcxken; Dierickx, Volcxken


Publisher in Antwerp; widow of Hieronymus Cock (q.v.), took over his business 'Aux Quatre Vents' after his death in 1570. She and her new husband, Lambrecht Bottin are mentioned together by Plantijn at the head of a list of printmakers and print sellers in Antwerp, which was assembled between 1577 and 1580. Since the death of Hieronymus Cock in 1570 to her death in 1600 all the prints publihed by her have the sentence Aux Quatre Vents without the name of Cock.


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