Marwan (Biographical details)

Marwan (painter/draughtsman; Syrian; Male; 1934 - 2016)

Also known as

Marwan, Kassab Bachi; Marwan


Artist, born Damascus, Syria, 1934. Studied Arabic Literature at the University of Damascus (1955-57) then moved to Berlin, Germany, to study painting under Prof. Hann Trier (from 1957 onwards). From 1980, held professorship at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin. Extremely prevalent motifs include the 'Head' and, to a lesser extent, the 'Marionette', both in the BM collection. Exhibitions mainly in Germany, but also in the Middle East and U.S.A., and works in many public collections, including Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, Darat al Funun, Jordan; National Museum, Damascus; Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris; Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh. Based in Berlin.

Bibliography; 'Marwan: peintures, gravures,' Institut du monde arabe and Bibliothèque nationale 1993, Paris: Institut du monde arabe, 1993.