Robert Gifford, Baron Gifford (Biographical details)

Robert Gifford, Baron Gifford (politician/statesman; legal; British; Male; 1779 - 1826)

Also known as

Gifford, Robert (knighted 1817); Gifford


Lawyer, politician; 1817, solicitor-general, elected MP for Eye, Suffolk; in October of that year prosecuted rioters in Derby, who were subsequently executed for treason; 1819, attorney-general; 1820 prosecuted the Cato Street conspirators, and addressed the House of Lords in support of the bill of pains and penalties against Queen Caroline; 1824, lord chief justice of the common pleas, master of the rolls, and raised to the peerage as Baron Gifford of St Leonards, Devon. Died in 1826 after contracting cholera.