Louis Léon Pajot d'Ons-en-Bray (Biographical details)

Louis Léon Pajot d'Ons-en-Bray (official; collector; French; Male; 1678 - 1754)

Also known as

Pajot, Louis Léon; Ons-en-Bray


The second comte d'Ons-en-Bray; born in Paris; studied at College Louis le Grand; following bout of illness was taught privately by Monsieur Quem, a disciple of Descartes. His ancestors occupied high official positions in the royal administration at the Controle Général de le Ferme de la Poste. Louis-Léon Pajot worked here, succeeding his father in 1708 to become Intendant Général des Postes et Relais de France; resigned in 1738. Was entrusted with Louis XIV's confidential missions; frequented the regent's inner circle. A trip to Holland, at the age of nineteen, had allowed him to make contact with Herman Boerhaave, the physician and humanist, and Frederic Ruysch, the anatomist and botanist. In 1700, Pajot began to acquire his own scientific cabinet and collection. Invented several scientific instruments including a metronome, odometer and anemonmeter with pendulum.


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