Royal United Services Institute (Biographical details)

Royal United Services Institute (military/naval; institution/organisation; British)

Also known as

Royal United Services Institute; Naval and Military Library Museum (founded); United Services Institution (name changed to); Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (name changed to); Royal United Services Institute Museum; Royal United Service Museum; Royal United Service Institution; Naval and Military Library and Museum


Vanbrugh House, Whitehall Yard, London (first location). Banqueting House, Old Whitehall Palace (from 1895).


Organisation. From D.P. O'Connnor: "The origins of the Royal United Services Institute lie in the great upsurge of amateur literary, philosophical and scientific interests that occurred in late Georgian Britain. It began life in 1829, when an article in Colbourn’s United Service Journal from ‘an old Egyptian campaigner’ called for the foundation of a society which would apply the new lessons of science to the military art."


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