Siddall, Joseph Bower (Biographical details)

Siddall, Joseph Bower (medical; British; Male)

Also known as

Siddall, Joseph Bower


Medical doctor. In 1868, went to Japan as medical officer to the British Legation. Worked with Dr William Willis (q.v.) in Yokohama. Established the Dai Biyoin (Great Hospital) in Edo in 1868. Promoted vaccination in Japan, which led to the elimination of small pox in Japan. Awarded the Order of the Rising Sun by the Mikado, receiving permission from the British Foreign Office to wear it in 1909. He was the first foreigner to receive this award. After returning to England, he practised medicine in Devonshire and later Malvern.


Obituary in the British Medical Journal, 8 August 1925, pp.275-276.