Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie (Biographical details)

Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie (ruler; politician/statesman; Swedish; Male; 1622 - 1686)

Also known as

La Gardie, Magnus Gabriel de


Statesman; a favourite of Queen Christina (q.v.), he was showered with honours and made one of the richest man in Sweden, but fell into disgrace in 1653; was nevertheless appointed chancellor and member of the council of regency during the minority of Charles XI (1660-72); under the regency, foreign subsidies determined Sweden's alliances and loyalties, and Sweden complied to France's demand to ship an army to Swedish Pomerania, triggering a conflict involving Denmark and Brandenburg (Scanian war, 1674-79); the early defeats in this war led into an enquiry that concluded to the responsibility of the regency in the dilapidation of the kingdom; La Gardie then retired.