William Mark (Biographical details)

William Mark (politician/statesman; British; Male; 1823 - 1837; active)

Also known as

Mark, William


British Consul to Malaga from 1823 to 1837, when he was succeeded in office by his son William Penrose Mark. Mark senior acquired a number of coins from the posthumous sale of the cabinet belonging to Francseco de Bruna a Spanish diplomat based in Seville. This corpus was passed to his son, also Consul to Malaga, William Penrose Mark. Mark jnr. sold the coins at a Sotheby's auction in 1843. These were sold in multiple lots 236, 237, 239 and 240 acquired by the London dealer George Eastwood, and lot 235, consisting of four coins (SNG Spain no's 91, 133-135) acquired by Cureton's the coin dealers, from whom the British Museum later acquired all four in 1844.