Bahman Jalali (Biographical details)

Bahman Jalali (photographer; Iranian; Male; 1944 - 2010)

Also known as

Jalali, Bahman


Photographer, born Tehran, Iran, 1944, died 2010. Graduated in economics, then worked as director of photography at Soroush Press, 1976-91, and since 1985 had been a teacher of photography at a number of universities in Iran. He was one of the founding members and curator of the Akskhaneh Shahr, the country’s first museum of photography (in 1997). In 1999 was appointed member of the editorial board of the bi-monthly journal of photography ‘Aksnameh’. During the Iran-Iraq war he began working in photo-journalism and war photography for a news agency in Paris, then continued independently. These images of war were shown widely, notably in a number of solo exhibitions in 1982-4.He also explored many other subjects, including the 1979 Iranian revolution. His works have been shown worldwide, including the second exhibition of conceptual art, ‘New Art’, at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, 2002; ‘12 Photographic Journeys – Iran in the 21st century’, SOAS, London 2003; ‘Contemporary Iranian Photography, Dubai, UAE, 2004; ‘Photo-London’, Royal Academy of Art, London, 2005; and a solo exhibition at Fundacio Antoni Tapies, Barcelona, 2007.


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