Marchese Andrea Gerini (Biographical details)

Marchese Andrea Gerini (collector; Italian; Male; 1691 - 1766)

Also known as

Gerini, Andrea


Florentine aristocrat and art collector; friend of Zanetti and Mariette. Inherited the family collection of paintings, formed by Carlo Gerini (1616-73), to which he added; brother of Giovanni, a fellow-patron. Patron of Giuseppe Zocchi (qv). Sponsored the folio volume titled 'Raccolta di stampe rappresentanti i quadri piu scelti dei Signori Marchese Gerini' (Florence 1759, 40 plates; reprinted 1786 by his nephew Carlo; no copy in P&D). Only volume I ever appeared, apparently without the text written for it by P.J.Mariette.
The Gerini archive was acquired by the Archivio di Stato in Flroence, and contains a mass of evidence about this publication, and the Zocchi 'Vedute di Toscana' which Gerini also backed: see B.A.Kowalczyk in Burlingtom Magazine, CLIV 2012, pp.24-31.


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