Jean Pierre Granger (Biographical details)

Jean Pierre Granger (painter/draughtsman; French; Male; 1779 - 1840)

Also known as

Granger, Jean Pierre; Granger, Jean Perrin


Neoclassical painter (history, portraits). Sometimes improperly called Jean Perrin Granger. After being trained by engraver Louis-Jean Allais he joined the studio of painter Jean-Baptiste Regnault (q.v.), and later became the pupil of Jacques Louis David (q.v.). Beat Ingres to win the Prix de Rome in 1800. Married Marie Jeanne Catherine Delaigle. Their daughter, Eléonore Palmyre Granger (1819-1874) was the goddaughter of Ingres, who portrayed her (drawing, 1843, now in the Maison de Victor Hugo); she married writer Paul Meurice in 1843.