William Booth Grey (Biographical details)

William Booth Grey (British; Male; 1763 - 1827)

Also known as

Grey, William Booth (1827)


William Booth Grey was the son of George Harry Grey (1737, MP for Staffordshire in 1761 and succeeded as the 5th Earl of Stamford 30 May 1768, Lord Lieu of Chester 14 May 1783 and created baron of Delamere of Dunham Massey and Earl of Warrington on 22 April 1796, died in 1819) and Henrietta Cavendish Bentinck (2nd daughter of William, 2nd Duke of Portland and Margaret Cavendish Bentinck, Duchess of Portland (q.v) the great friend of Mary Delany), married 28 May 1763 and died 4 June 1827. He is considered to be the artist of two plant collages, in the style of Mary Delany, acquired by the BM in 2008. William Booth Grey had four sons, George Harry, who succeeded; William Booth, who married twice but died without issue in 1852; Anchitel, prebendery of Durham, died without issue; Henry, a captain in the RN who died when shipwrecked on the Weasel in Barnstaple Bay.
William Booth Grey's uncle was called Booth Grey (MP), and his uncle had a son also called Booth Grey, of Ashton Heys, Cheshire who married William Booth Grey's sister, Sophia.