Oliver & Boyd (Biographical details)

Oliver & Boyd (publisher/printer; British; 1807/8 - 1990)

Also known as

Oliver & Boyd; Boyd, George; Oliver, Thomas


Thomas Oliver; North Richmond Street, Edinburgh (1799-1800) Thomas Oliver & Co; Baron Grant's Close, Nether Bow, High Street, Edinburgh (1801-07) Oliver & Boyd; same address (1808-09) Tweeddale Court, 16 High Street, Edinburgh (1810-Twentieth Century)


Thomas Oliver (1776-1853), apprentice compositor to James Robertson, printer, Horsewynd; in 1801 he took George Boyd (died 1843) into partnership. Catalogues (1811-1841) for juvenile books. Also printed and sold abridged histories in fancy covers and songbooks.
Apprentices: Hugh Sinclair, printer, Burgess 28 August 1828; John Thomson, printer, of Elbe Street, Leith, apprenticed 12 October 1812, Burgess 15 September 1840.

The business gained a reputation in medical publishing and educational text-books and was particularly strong in overseas markets; it was taken over by George and James Thin and John Grant in 1896; acquired by the Financial Times organisation in 1962; the publishing arm was later sold to Longman's (which became Longman Pearson); ceased operations in Edinburgh in 1990.


The archives of Oliver and Boyd are on deposit in the National Library of Scotland.
SBTI, which has more information on the juvenile series and bibliographic sources.
Information from Professor David Finkelstein: http://www.sapphire.ac.uk/index.htm; 'History of Scottish Publishing', by Finkelstein, courtesy of BooksfromScotland.com.