Anne Flore Millet, marquise de Bréhan (Biographical details)

Anne Flore Millet, marquise de Bréhan (painter/draughtsman; French; Female; 1749 - 1826)

Also known as

Bréhan, Anne Flore de; Bréhan, Anne Flore Millet de; Millet, Anne Flore; Bréhan


Amateur painter; in 1766 married Marquis Jean René François Amalric de Bréhan (1730-1813); was lady-and-waiting to Marie-Antoinette; her sister Antoinette Louise had married Elénor François Elie, Comte de Moustier, and after Antoinette Louise's death Anne Flore followed her brother-in-law when he was appointed ambassador to the United States (1787-1789). There she executed several portraits of George Washington. Returned to France in 1789 but emigrated abroad during the Revolution, accompanying Moustier in Berlin, Constantinople and London. She returned to France upon the Bourbon restoration (1814).