Anna Charlotte Dorothea, Duchess of Courland (Biographical details)

Anna Charlotte Dorothea, Duchess of Courland (German; Female; 1761 - 1821)

Also known as

Courland, Anna Dorothea of; Medem, Anna Dorothea von; Biron, Anna Dorothea von; Anna Dorothea; Courland; Kurland, Anna Dorothea von


Born Anna Dorothea von Medem, she married Peter von Biron, Duke of Courland, in 1779. Both travelled to Italy in 1784. They separated when Peter sold the duchy to Russia in 1795. Anna became a widow at 1800 and did not remarry, although she had lovers, among whom Count Gustav Armfelt. She settled in Paris from 1809 to 1812 and befriended Talleyrand (q.v.), with whom she remained in contact until her death. She had four daughters: Wilhelmine (later mistress to Klemens Metternich), Maria Luise Pauline, Johanna Katharina, and Dorothea (who married Talleyrand's nephew, Edmond de Périgord, and later became Talleyrand's mistress).