Liu Chunhua 刘春华 (Biographical details)

Liu Chunhua 刘春华 (painter/draughtsman; Chinese; Male; 1944)

Also known as

Liu Chunhua


Painter. Born in Tailai, Heilongjiang Province. Attended the secondary school attached to the Lu Xun Art Academy in Shenyang from 1955; then the Applied Arts Department of the Central Industrial Arts Academy from 1963. His most famous work is Chairman Mao Goes to Anyuan, which shows Mao in traditional robes holding an umbrella under his arm, in the mountains, at the time of his visit to Anyuan to 'set alight the revolutionary fire' of the miners there. This is an iconic representation of Mao, and was sold in March 1998 for $US660.000 to the Construction Bank of China. It was the first painting since 1949 to be recognised as a cultural relic.