Henry Copeland (Biographical details)

Henry Copeland (printmaker; British; Male; c. 1710 - 1754 before)

Also known as

Copeland, Henry; Copland, Henry


Gutter Lane, London (on Goldsmith's Company invitation card, C.2-586)


Engraver and rococo designer for furniture. Produced, with Matthew Lock, 'A new book of ornaments ...' (1752). Apprenticed (Goldsmiths 6.038) to Charles Beard for seven years 1 Oct 1724 - the son of Henry Copland of Dublin, 'Cordwyner'. Turned over to Bishop Roberts 18 Mar 1728/9 for the remainder of his time. Free (Goldsmiths) 3 Feb 1742/3 on the testimony of Richard Sear and John Feilding - his original master having died. A subscriber to Joseph Ames : 'Typographical Antiquities' 1749. Died before 8 Oct 1754, when his apprentice William Fryer was turned over to his widow, Elizabeth Copland, who continued the business.
Apprentices: Butler Clowes (originally apprenticed to Charles Gardner 1744) 1749; Henry Copland (son) 1750; William Fryer 1751 (£31.10s).
Two trade cards in Heal Collection. Heal,59.41 advertises "A New Book of Ornaments. Ten Leaves. Designs by the late Mr. H. Copland (Price 2 Shil.). Publishd [sic] According to Act of Parliament the 1st of June 1755. Sold by the proprietor E. Copland ye Corner of Carey Lane, Gutter Lane, Cheapside." Heal.59.42 advertises "A New Book of Ornaments By H. Copland. Price 3s.6d. Published according to Act of Parliament by Copland & Bucksher in Gutter Lane Cheapside, London."


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