Dejazmach Wube (Biographical details)

Dejazmach Wube (ruler; Ethiopian; Male; 1800 - 1867)

Also known as

Dejazmach Wube; Dejazmach Wube Haile Maryam


Son of a powerful regional chief of Simien he came to power in 1826 on the death of his father. He extended his rule to Tigre and became one of the most powerful northern Ethiopian rulers. Wube developed relations with many Europeans, one of his closest supporters was British Consul Plowden. In 1841 at his request, the See of Alexandria sent Bishop Salama to become the new Patriach of Ethiopia.Wube had ambitions to become Emperor and in readiness for his planned coronation completed the building of Dirasge Maryam Church, Simien. On 9th February 1855 he was defeated in battle by Kassa (crowned Emperor Tewodros three days later) and imprisoned in chains in Maqdala. He was released from chains in 1860, but remained imprisoned at Maqdala where he died seven years later.