Hana Malallah (Biographical details)

Hana Malallah (painter/draughtsman; academic/intellectual; Iraqi; Female; 1958)

Also known as

Malallah, Hana; Mal-Allah, Hana'


Artist, born Theeqar, Iraq, 1958. Studied at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad under Shakir Hassan al-Said, obtaining diploma (1979), BA (1998) and MA (2000). Awarded a Ph. D on the philosophy of painting in 2005. Head of the Graphic Art Department at the Institute of Fine Arts and lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts and lecturer at the Institute of Fine Arts, Baghdad. Exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions, including ‘Dafatir, Contemporary Iraqi Book Art’, which started at the University of North Texas, 2006, ‘Sophisticated ways of destroying a city’ and with Rashad Selim at the Aya Gallery in London (2007); ‘Iraqi Artists in Exile’, Station Museum, Houston, Texas (2008-9) and solo work in ‘Vivid Ruins’ at the Qattan Foundation (2009). Artworks have won many art prizes and are found in private and public collections including the Museum of Fine Arts, Amman, Jordan. Books and multimedia works became increasingly concerned with the loss of Iraq’s heritage through the destruction of its libraries and the looting of the National Museum following the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. Fellow of the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.


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