Lakṣmī (Biographical details)

Lakṣmī (deity; Hindu; Buddhist; Jain; Female)

Also known as

Lakṣmī; Lakshmi; Laksmi; Gajalakṣmī; Gaja Lakṣmī; Gaja-Lakṣmī; Jixiangtian (吉祥天); Kichijoten


Hindu goddess; originally personified the earth and fertility; later evolved into the goddess of fortune, wealth and prosperity. Also represented as the counterpart of Viṣṇu: where he is the creator, she is creation; where he is righteousness, she is devotion (etc.). Often depicted with an owl. As Gaja-Lakṣmī, depicted with elephants who are lustrating her. Popularly worshipped by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains, Lakṣmī's image can be found carved on door lintels where she protects the inhabitants of a house.


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