Bishop Selama (Biographical details)

Bishop Selama (cleric/religious official; Egyptian; Male; 1820's; 1841 - 1867; 1867; ; Patriach of Ethiopian Orthodox Church)

Also known as

Selama (1867); Abune Selama (1867); Abba Andreaas (1841)


Sent from the See of Alexandria in 1841 to Ethiopia to become the Patriach of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. He arrived in Ethiopia at a time when the Church was being spilt apart by doctrinal dispute about the divinity of Christ. In 1845 his efforts to unify the Church led him to excommunicate thousands including the Etchege and many high ranking nobles. In 1855 he crowned Emperor Tewodros II at Dirasge Mariam. Church doctrine and politics were closely entwined and Selama's defence of church rights eventually led to his imprisonment. Emperor Tewodros II had him imprisoned in Maqdala were Selama died in 1867.