Ghassan Ghai'b (Biographical details)

Ghassan Ghai'b (painter/draughtsman; multi-media/digital artist; Iraqi; Male; 2007; active)

Also known as

Gha'ib, Ghassan; Ghaib, Ghassan


Artist, born Baghdad, Iraq, 1964. Graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts, 1986, and the Academy of Fine Arts, 1997, both in Baghdad. Won several awards and participated in numerous exhibitions of contemporary Iraqi art, including the touring exhibition Strokes of Genius (2000). Work includes oils on canvas and mixed media. Together with contemporaries - Dia al-Azzawi, Rafa al-Nasiri and Kareem Risan among others - has been exploring the book art form. Work shown recently at the Frankfurt book fair, Germany, (2004); the touring exhibition ‘Dafatir: Contemporary Iraqi Book Art’ (Texas, 2005); ‘Baghdad-Paris, Artistes d'Irak’, Musée du Montparnasse (Paris, 2005-6); the ‘Mondial de l’estampe et de la gravure originale’ (France, 2006); and the third international collage exhibition Vilnius, Lithuania. Based in Baghdad.


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