Joseph Hindmarsh (Biographical details)

Joseph Hindmarsh (publisher/printer; British; Male; 1678 active - 1696 died)

Also known as

Hindmarsh, Joseph


1681-82: at the Black Bull, in Cornhill, London 1682-95: at the Golden Ball, over against the Royal Exchange, London


Publisher. Recorded between 1681 and 1695 as publisher of a number of books and pamphlets; in 1681 and 1682, his address is given as "at the Black Bull in Cornhill", from 1685 onwards as "the Golden Ball, over against the Royal Exchange, London". Several advertisements are known of prints he had published. 'The Jockey's Intellegencer' of 29 November 1683 advertises the Grand Vizier's standard as captured at Vienna, 'all curiously cut in a copper plate and coloured', while the Term catalogue of May 1685 offers a large sheet showing Titus Oates in the pillory. Christopher Hindmarsh was trading from this address in 1685, and H. Hindmarsh "against the Exchange in Cornhill" in 1699.