The White Sakkos Painter (Biographical details)

The White Sakkos Painter (painter/draughtsman; Greek; 320BC - 310BC; fl.)

Also known as

White Sakkos Painter; White Saccos Painter


Apulian red-figure vase-painter whose name is unknown. Nevertheless consistent individual characteristics of style suggest the existence of a unique artistic personality. Trendall called him the White Sakkos Painter naming him after the white sakkoi worn by many of the female figures he painted. He was the immediate successor of the Baltimore Painter (q.v.). He painted some naiskos scenes but most of his vases were decorated with youths, women and Eros or chariot scenes, or just female heads. As many objects were held by the figures he drew and others were scattered in the field, his vases have a rather cluttered look. An extremely large number of vases have been attributed to his hand on the basis of style.


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