Miyagawa Issho (宮川一笑) (Biographical details)

Miyagawa Issho (宮川一笑) (painter/draughtsman; Japanese; Male; 1689 - 1779)

Also known as

Miyagawa Issho; Kiheiji (common name); 喜平治; Fujiwara Ando (alternative name); 藤原安道; Yasumichi (alternative name); Kohensai (go); 湖辺斎; Sogan (go); 蘇丸


Painter. Lived at Shiba, Tamachi nichome. A principal pupil of Miyagawa Choshun, together with Miyagawa Choki, known for his paintings of 'bijin' and genre scenes in a distinctive style, the figures having sloping eyes and generally 'pinched' features. Issho often reused successful compositions: a screen of 'Pleasure-boats on the Sumida River' exists in two versions, and there are at least three versions of the hanging scroll 'Street Scene in Yoshiwara at the New Year'. In 1752, after the dispute between Choshun and Kano Shunga over payment for repair work to the Nikko Mausoleum and the subsequent murder of Shunga, Issho was banished to Niijima, an island off the Izu peninsula where he continued to paint for local people and finally died in 1779.