Sumiyoshi Jokei (住吉如慶) (Biographical details)

Sumiyoshi Jokei (住吉如慶) (painter/draughtsman; Japanese; Male; 1599 - 1670)

Also known as

Sumiyoshi Jokei; Tosa Hiromichi


Painter. Jokei studied originally as a pupil of Tosa Mitsuyoshi (1539-1613) and was active as a fully-fledged Tosa painter in both Kyoto and Edo, using the name Tosa Hiromichi, alongside Mitsunori and Mitsuoki. In 1661 he was awarded the name Jokei by prince-monk Myoho-in Gyonen, and then the rank of 'hokkyo' ('Bridge of the Law'), later in the same year. In 1662, at the command of Emperor Gosai, he assumed the surname Sumiyoshi and went on to establish a painting school of the same name in the shogunal capital of Edo. The Sumiyoshi school was thus a direct offshoot of the ancient Tosa school, and the intention may all along have been to deliberately reinvigorate a style that had in many ways become precious and undynamic. Certainly, although they frequently painted the same traditional courtly themes, the compositions by Sumiyoshi artists often seem more relaxed, the figures having more humanized, appealing faces.