Ueda Kocho (上田公長) (Biographical details)

Ueda Kocho (上田公長) (Japanese; Male; 1788 - 1850)

Also known as

Ueda Kocho (上田公長); Yushu (有秋); Yoshu (雍洲); Suiun Kanjin (水雲閑人); Junzo (順蔵)


Leading painter in Osaka during the first half of the nineteenth century. Born in Senba in Osaka as the elderst son of the cotton merchant Awaya Chujiro VI. Pupil of Matsumura Goshun and Nakai Ranko. Drawings published in 'Kocho gafu' (1834), 'Kocho gafu, ni hen' (1849). Also designed illustrations for guides to Kii and Kawachi provinces. Became an official painter to the 11th lord of the Kishu Tokugawa, Tokugawa Nariyuki.