Isoda Koryusai (磯田湖龍齋) (Biographical details)

Isoda Koryusai (磯田湖龍齋) (printmaker; painter/draughtsman; Japanese; Male; 1735 - 1790; ?)

Also known as

Isoda Koryusai (art name); Fujiwara (藤原); Haruhiro (春広); Koryu; Masakatsu (正勝); Shobei (庄兵衛)


Print artist and painter. Artistic training unknown; said to have been a pupil of Nishimura Shigenaga, may also have studied under Harunobu. Said to have been a 'ronin' (masterless samurai) from the Tsuchiya household in Ogawa-machi, Edo; lived at Ryogoku Hirokoji Yagenbori. In the late 1760s produced Harunobu-style prints of beautiful women using the name Koryusai Haruhiro. After the death of Harunobu, became a major painter of women and produced a very large number of colour prints during the 1770s. Particularly skilled at pillar prints. From the mid-1770s until c. 1782 worked on a series of over a hundred 'oban' prints, the 'New Year Patterns for Young Leaves'. Around 1781 received the rank 'Hokkyo' and from about this time he came to specialise in paintings, of which he produced many grand examples.