Maki Haku (巻白) (Biographical details)

Maki Haku (巻白) (printmaker; Japanese; Male; 1924 - 2000)

Also known as

Maki Haku; Maejima Tadaaki (real name)


Print artist. The artist uses this assumed name; his real name is Maejima Tadaaki. He was born in Asomachi, by Lake Kasumigawa in Ibaraki Prefecture, where he lived until around 1977. after which he moved to Ayase in Kanagawa Prefecture. He went to an ordinary school and had no formal art education. After the Pacific War he went to Tokyo and learned about prints at the Ichimoku-kai (First Thursday Society) meetings organised by Onchi (q.v.) but was too junior to contribute to its portfolios. He became a member of the Japanese Print Association in 1958 (first exhibited 1957) and exhibited with the College Women's Association of Japan annual show from 1970. In 1969 he produced woodblocks for the series 'Matsuri to shu' ('Festive Wine') based on old Japanese poems (Gallery Issai). His earlier prints are very much in the tradition of Onchi, whose youngest pupil he was, but in the early 1960s he began to experiment with embossing, the building up of textures on the block with concrete, and the use of oil-based pigments. His subjects turned increasingly to the shapes of Chinese characters, and later to deeply embossed prints reproducing the textures and shapes of teabowls. A man of very independent spirit, he has remained devoted to large editions at low prices available to ordinary people, in spite of the celebrity achieved by being selected for James Michener's portfolio 'The Modern Japanese Print. An Appreciation' (1962).


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