Kitao Masayoshi (北尾政美) (Biographical details)

Kitao Masayoshi (北尾政美) (painter/draughtsman; Japanese; Male; 1764 - 1824)

Also known as

Kitao Masayoshi (before 1794, art name); Kuwagata Keisai (after 1794); Keisai Masayoshi; Sanko (art name); Akabane (family name); Tsugusane (na); Tsuguzane (na, alternative reading); Shoshin (na); Shikei (azana); Sanjiro (common name); Mugino Orochimaro (kyoka-go); Kisho Tengo (gesaku-go)


Painter and print artist. Pupil of Kitao Shigemasa, later Kano Yosen'in Korenobu. Worked as an ukiyoe artist under the name Kitao Masayoshi, then became official painter to the daimyo of Tsuyama and worked in the Kano style using the name Kuwagata Keisai. During his period of activity as an 'Ukiyo-e' artist, Kitao Masayoshi produced mainly novelette illustrations. After 1794, however, when he became painter in attendance to the Tsuyama fief, he switched mainly to paintings and printed albums. He produced many instructional manuals on how to paint in 'abbreviated style' (ryakuga-shiki).