Sir John M Addis (Biographical details)

Sir John M Addis (official; academic/intellectual; British; Male; 1914 - 1983)

Also known as

Addis, John M; Addis, John Mansfield


Sir John Addis had a family connection with the Far East. His father Sir Charles Addis was the Head of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank. British Diplomat and former Ambassador to China, Addis served three diplomatic terms there between 1947 and 1974 and was also Ambassador to the Philippines in 1963-70. He held important positions within a number of major museums and specialist societies. John Addis became a leading authority on early blue and white and underglaze red porcelain publishing extensively. He was a Trustee of the British Museum, to which he made an important gift of 22 pieces of porcelain in 1975 and later a bequest. His Chinese furniture was bequeathed to the V&A where he had been on the Advisory Council.
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